This spare part, FAN MOTOR ASSEMBLY, fits DIPLOMAT and HOWDEN and HYGENA machines and for appliances including cooker elecs.
Please check below to make sure it fits your model.

This part is currently out of stock. You can still order the part and it will be despatched when available, or contact AWS for availability


£ 27.59

Part Number - OFANMTRB

Out of Stock


This part fits models

DIPLOMATCooker ElecADP4600
DIPLOMATCooker ElecADP4602
DIPLOMATCooker ElecADP4610
DIPLOMATCooker ElecADP4612
DIPLOMATCooker ElecADP4613
DIPLOMATCooker ElecADP4651
DIPLOMATCooker ElecADP4662
DIPLOMATCooker ElecADP4670
DIPLOMATCooker ElecADP4804
DIPLOMATCooker ElecADP4822
DIPLOMATCooker ElecADP4830
DIPLOMATCooker ElecADP4851
DIPLOMATCooker ElecADP4862
DIPLOMATCooker ElecADP4883
DIPLOMATCooker ElecADP4890
DIPLOMATCooker ElecAHY4301
DIPLOMATCooker ElecAHY4310
DIPLOMATCooker ElecAHY4320
DIPLOMATCooker ElecAHY4401
DIPLOMATCooker ElecAHY4410
DIPLOMATCooker ElecAHY4420
DIPLOMATCooker ElecAHY4440
DIPLOMATCooker ElecAHY4450
DIPLOMATCooker ElecAHY4460
DIPLOMATCooker ElecADP3262
DIPLOMATCooker ElecADP3263
DIPLOMATCooker ElecADP3300
DIPLOMATCooker ElecADP3302
DIPLOMATCooker ElecADP3322
DIPLOMATCooker ElecADP3340
DIPLOMATCooker ElecADP3611
DIPLOMATCooker ElecADP3622
DIPLOMATCooker ElecADP3633
DIPLOMATCooker ElecADP3640
DIPLOMATCooker ElecADP3650
DIPLOMATCooker ElecADP3652
DIPLOMATCooker ElecADP3700
DIPLOMATCooker ElecAHY3200
DIPLOMATCooker ElecAHY3300
DIPLOMATCooker ElecAHY3510
DIPLOMATCooker ElecAHY3520
DIPLOMATCooker ElecAHY3601
DIPLOMATCooker ElecAHY3610
DIPLOMATCooker ElecAHY3620
DIPLOMATCooker ElecAHY3640
DIPLOMATCooker ElecAHY3650
DIPLOMATCooker ElecAHY3660
HOWDENCooker ElecHJA4610
HOWDENCooker ElecHJA3300
HOWDENCooker ElecHJA3303
HOWDENCooker ElecHJA3313
HOWDENCooker ElecHJA3650
HYGENACooker ElecAHY4210
HYGENACooker ElecAHY4220
HYGENACooker ElecAHY3210
HYGENACooker ElecAHY3220
HYGENACooker ElecAHY3310
HYGENACooker ElecAHY3320
HYGENACooker ElecAHY3410
HYGENACooker ElecAHY3420

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